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What does it mean that Lucy has already had an "anemic look"? If Dracula isn't in England yet, she can't be being bled yet. Is Stoker implying that she's somehow predisposed to vampirism? It seems to fit her character, if so.


No, Dracula can't be blamed for her pale look. Note that in her entry on July 25, Mina states that Lucy "has got a beautiful colour since she has been here [Whitby]." So Lucy may not have been well. This, along with her sleep-walking, suggests a vulnerability that maybe predisposes her to become the victim of a vampire.

Baby Jinx

Re: Lucy predisposed to become a victim of a vampire. Spoiler to follow.

While Lucy may be ripe for a vampire's picking, another large part of her selection was that her sleepwalking takes her to the bench on the cliff in the cemetery. Keep your eye on that bench for the next few days. There's something about it...

Writing-desk Raven

Re. What does it mean that Lucy has already had an "anemic look"?
(Christopher, 17:34 27 July)
Please note also that rather pale and frail was the fashion for elite Victorian women,
sorta like that heroin chic look for supermodels ca. '94-'97.
Tan and sculpted were taken as signs of being common, working folk.

Mina has already intimated almost directly that Lucy is of quite independent wealth, and that she and Jonathan rather not quite.
-W-d R


I can see where Joel Schumacher got the idea of casting Gerard Butler as The Phantom wslhit watching Dracula.Dracula and The Phantom are both mesmerizing and powerful characters and Gerard just stole the screen in his usual commanding way and although i would have preferred the traditional Dracula Story, i did like the judas connection and some of the striking shots.And I agree, Gerard is the sexiest Dracula ever.Love Rose


>Wow, I am surprised Winter's not all over this. Wait, do you two know each other? Uh, ynaway 1. Favorite Vampire The Count from Sesame Street, Count Dracula or Count Chocula?The Count from Sesame Street all the way! I love to laugh like him ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh 2. Which do you prefer to bite or to be bitten?I'm an equal opportunity nibblist. 3. What's the best way to kill a Vampire?Celine Dion 4. Finish the sentence, I vant to suck your . Do you really have to ask? This IS me we're talking about.

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