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Leslie S. Klinger

Seward certainly comes across here as a poor friend to Arthur Holmwood, who introduced him to Lucy. How could Seward have missed their relationship, to the extent that he proposes to Lucy? Morris was undoubtedly also introduced by Holmwood. Their courting must have been incredibly tepid to have been invisible to the others.
Interestingly, the Notes indicate that Seward and Lucy may have been engaged.
Of course, in the 1931 films, Mina is Seward's daughter and Harker her lover, while Lucy has no fiance!

Elizabeth Miller

Actually, what the Notes indicate is that in the earliest stages of plotting, Seward and Lucy WERE engaged. At this point, there was no Arthur among the list of characters.


If I remember correctly, Holmwood is actually absent from the 1977 BBC production of Dracula, which makes a little more sense given your comments.

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