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Elizabeth Miller

Mountains? The Carpathians, by any chance? That might explain it. :)

Bryan Alexander

The Green Mountains do remind me a bit of fair Carpathia, Elizabeth.

For example, http://www.flickr.com/photos/bryanalexander/88282138/ .

Andrew Connell

Sorry to hear of the netblock - it's like being locked in the tower of a far-off castle.

It seems as a result we missed a few entries. A Telegram from Seward to Van Helsing and a letter from Seward to Art Holmwood both on September 6th. Also a Diary entry by Seward on the 7th recounting the arrival of Van Helsing and another trip out to see Lucy at Hillingham. Here is the map for September 7th:


Seward's diary entry continues on the 8th and the 9th as he recounts his fight to keep Lucy's strength up through two tiring nights.

Lucy writes a Diary entry on September 9th and Dr. Seward writes another Diary entry on the 10th outlining his transfusion to Lucy by Van Helsing before he heads back to Purfleet. Here is the map for September 10th:


Bryan Alexander

Yes indeed, those were missed. Previous years' versions are on this site, for the curious. Otherwise I would prefer not to post them out of order, so we can minimize the difficulties and move on.

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