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Michael Adams

Just stumbled across your novel retelling of Dracula and promoted it on my Facebook page. I can appreciate what you're doing -- a couple years back I broke down THE EXORCIST into a day-by-day analysis of the story and discovered a calendar inconsistency. Did you find anything similar with Dracula?

Bryan Alexander

Greetings, Michael, and thanks for visiting.

Yes, there are Dracula timeline issues. They're already discussed in the scholarship. But what this project brought home to me (and others) was the detailed emotional impact of the timeline - i.e., the power of silences in June, the pile of action in October.

Did you publish your Exorcist to the open Web somewhere? And was it the novel or the film? I'd love to see it.


What do people make of the new novel by Dacre Stoker? I recall that at one point I asked when the original Bram Stoker was actually set, and Elizabeth replied that it was most likely in 1893. I, too, feel that a date in the 1890's just "feels right" for B. Stoker's original novel. However, Dacre Stoker seems to have moved the novel back a few years to the 1880's. How do people feel about that?

Also, what precise year is Dacre Stoker's novel set in, for that matter? Some have said 1888, but it is said on the jacket to be set '25 years' after the original novel and the action opens in 1912--which would make 1887. Which is it--1887 or 1888?

Thanks for any thoughts you folks might have!

Michael Gordon

I'd like to second Amanda's question: Will you be doing this again?

If not, I'll be posting the chapters at http://postdracula.wordpress.com/ in real-time with the addition of some commentary by the characters. All are welcome to share their thoughts as well.

To David's question, Dacre Stoker's book claims that the action of Dracula took place in 1888 to correspond with the killings by Jack the Ripper. However, Dacre Stoker's book takes many many liberties with the original and goes so far as to say that nothing happened the way it was presented there.

Dr. Miller may have a better insight, since she consulted on Dracula: The Undead.

Bryan Alexander

Amanda and Michael, I'm strategizing this now. What would you like to see in a Dracula 2010 run? Any particular features, formats, or...?

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