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thatdamngreendressY'know, I'm not sure if I've actually read all of Dracula. I had a hulegy traumatic and extremely vivid nightmare as a kid- my older sister was reading it and I picked it up and read a few chapters one night. Then I was reading 'Nancy Drew and the Brass-Bound trunk' and went to sleep mid-way through the book. Well, I dreamed I was reading the rest of the book (turning the pages and everything) and Nancy was turned into a vampire and had to marry Dracula and there was a whole lot of nonsense about having her fangs replaced by foam dentures (Bess's dad was suddenly an orthodentist) and attempts at staking and it all ended with a light-hearted joke after the whole thing was over. It doesn't sound that bad, but I was so engrossed in the story, and obsessed with the idea of hypnotic vampires at the window that I STILL can't look out a dark window at night for fear that a face I can't ignore might be there!I didn't finish reading Nancy Drew for years after that, and I feel like I did read Dracula finally but don't remember a thing. I like your analysis of the contrast between old and new world superstitions- maybe I'll dust it off some sunny day this summer when I feel certain of my world!I have wanted to read Jekyll for years! Let us know how it goes!

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