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October 06, 2003


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Come on now, AI wasn't that horrible. It had its moments, and as a very devout Kubrick fan, it was sad to see his last project brought to life.


AI is less a film, and more a cry for help. Given the richness of its topics (definition of humanity, posthumanism), and the substantial body of sf on these fields, it was disappointing in how little it accomplished.
Some other problems: Spielberg's typical hatred of sex, awful science, Wagnerian emotionalism. Worse yet, the deeper the Kubrick connections, the more pathetic the movie appears in that wildly uneven comparison.

The game, the Beast, is ultimately much more interesting. :)


hey I know the game you are talking about.
DELTA10 save Dylan. This is just another one of the bonus sites I have found. It's been good reading. thanks


Dear US citizens,
I am writing from Australia. When you vote if affects every country in the world. But we can't vote in the US. So please remember, you are voting for all of us. If you elect a crazy war-mongering idiot, we will suffer too. There's no democracy in a global age for the rest of us anymore, just for you. Please take care this time. My love and faith in the American people needs your responsibility.

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