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February 16, 2004


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» sims charachters playing sim city? from Patrik's Sprawl
Bryan says: Recursivity: SimSlice is a game your Sims characters can play, a program-within-a-program. Richard Powers once told me that he was hoping to see computer program characters coding; we're on the way. Put another way, we can subsume urban... [Read More]


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Jonathan Korman

I gather that in Leisure Suit Larry II, Keneewauwau (tribal chief of the natives on the island of Nontoonyt) demands that you write a program in assembly language as a ''test of manhood.''

Having never actually seen this myself, I cannot speak for how much actual coding took place in-game.


Excellent - a historical sense to that game, too.


i like the sims


cool game! i love it!

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