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February 26, 2005


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» in transit from Patrik's Sprawl
Just like Bryan (presently stranded at the Philadelphia airport) I have had some problems with getting to where I was supposed to go yesterday. Right now I am at a hotel to the LaGuardia airport (does not really look like... [Read More]

» stuck at airport again from Patrik's Sprawl
For the second time this weeks connections did not turn out and I am now stuck at Philadelphia Airport and will have to take a very early flight tomorrow to get to Charlottesville in time. It is not too bad... [Read More]


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Gardner Campbell

There's a fascinating juxtaposition here between Flyguy, who gets to his destination in a lovely dreamlike manner, and Bryan, who's enduring corporate malpractice in a galling context of "it's not my problem." I feel for you, Bryan, and I hope you're back home soon, safe and sound and comfortable and delighted once again.

Arjun Singh

Hello Brian - I am sorry to hear you are stuck in an airport. There should be laws against how US Air is treating you. It was great to meet you at Northern Voice. I referenced you quoting Ray Ozzie in a post you wrote some time ago about email being dead. I found the post on a Google search. I was thinking of sending you a trackback, I guess trackbacks still work for posts in blog archives. Anyways, wanted to say hello here!

Jesse Walker

Mention the employee's name when you send in your letter.

Martin Lindner

hello bryan - speaking of bad airport services, and parallel to e-mail: your flight to accommodation at innsbruck for MICXROLEARNING2005 (http://www.microlearning.org) will be paid. when and from where would you want to fly? hopefully you will be able to report only the best in this case ... best - martin

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