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November 30, 2005


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Tony Walsh

The Movies seems like a great tool, but judging by the legalese associated with it, creators are left without much control over their public works.

I wasn't able to send a Trackback, so here are links to a couple of related entries at Clickable Culture about the limits:
All Your Movies Are Belong to Activision
'The Movies' and Intellectual Property


From my blog entry:
"Obviously it is a statement. It is a moderately good film. It reminds me in many ways of a 3D animated flyer handed out by an anarchist/socialist activist in a public place. The issues are real and many of the points made in the film are very relevant. As a non-euro myself living in "The Europe" I see a lot of what is represented in the film, although not on such an extreme scale. It is the first piece of realist political machinima I have seen. This is something I believe we will see more of."
I found it in .mov format here:


Thanks, Tony.
Dunno what happened to trackback.

Nice one, Jim. I think machinima.com's been /.d.

Gardner Campbell

Washington Post article here:


Registration required, of course.


Bypass Compulsory Web Registration
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This is not advertising....just noticed the last line on the Washington Post link...

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