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March 06, 2006


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Not so much a response to the grouping, but I'm pleased to see Metacortechs/Mu at 4 and Lockjaw at 9. If one eliminates the deep pockets of corporate sponsorships from the list, that leaves Metacortechs the #1 indie and makes our group one of only two represented, the folks behind Urban Hunt being the other indie (we created both Metacortechs and the earlier Lockjaw)

I'm not saying or even trying to imply that deep pockets are a bad thing—we'd love to have a huge corporate sponsorship with, like, real, actual budgets and all that—but it's nice to see the work we put into both of the games recognized. ARGN.com founder and Metacortechs co-conspirator Steve Peters had some nice things to say about us here (fifth paragraph—Karetao is the seekrit cabal we belong to) : http://www.argn.com/archive/000352changing_of_the_guard.php


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