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April 12, 2006


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Antony Van Couvering

That's a lovely write up. Thank you. If it's of any interest, I wrote up the project from a "Web Tools 2.0" perspective here:




Quick scan of the site reveals that this is a must-read. Thanks for the link. The "Web 2.0" explanation is especially interesting, both as an inventory of the process/materials and an entry in the "What is Web 2.0?" discourse.

Extremely valuable. Did I say thanks already?


One more comment, Bryan. I'm beginning to understand that part of our ongoing discussion of whether podcasts and such are truly interactive has to do with whether the authorship is individual or collective. This insight, if it's correct, bears more thought on my part, but for now I'd simply say that the social networking "layer" here is not unlike the "nest" I identify as the publicly interactive dimension of the "In Our Time" podcast.

Perhaps we need to discuss the idea of private interaction vs. public interaction. Habermas may come in ... or not.


Thank you


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