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March 17, 2007


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thanks! that's very much what i would want to have people to discuss on the conference this year, which will again more representing the Divide than analyzing it.

only the "digital native" argument doesn't work for me: students here (in German speaking digital diaspora) have, as a rule, no special 2.0 experience. this is restricted to a small elite subculture.

but this doesn't change at all your main argument. in a way i'm still trying to grasp myself it is evident to me that all people in the semiosphere here are struck by ecolocical changes, even if they don't notice them (like school and university and nearly everyone here). in a vital culture scenario, people have to be (think, communicate, experience)where "things happen".

theoretically there could be a perfcectly vital parallel Gutenberg universe, or TV universe, existing alongside the geeky 2.0-sphere. the interesting thing is: it isn't. it is like the energy is vanishing from the older part of the cultural cosmos, without people even noticing it. i cannot explain, why that is, though.

Leigh Blackall

Great post! I've written similar things myself with Die LMS Die and the LMS comic.

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