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May 04, 2007


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I think he missed the point, at least for me. While it's great to get validation thru comments, I blog primarily for myself.

Beth Kanter


Have you ever experienced blog ennui or burnout? I have. Almost a year ago, I stopped blogging for like a month. I think I just needed a break. I wish I had known about the advanced publication trick - that is to take advantage of the times when the muse is with you ..

Bryan Alexander

That's a good point, Steve. I wonder what proportion of blogs are composed with the blogger as audience. Would it map onto the introvert proportion, abour 1/3rd?

Beth (assuming "Bram" = "Bryan"), I've experienced frustration along the lines of the article, specifically when I put it a lot of effort into a post and don't get comments back. I've come to see this as a long tail thing, plus considering myself as audience, as per Steve's comment.

The timed release posting tactic is really helping me at the Draculablog, when I'm on a hectic travel schedule.

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