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December 03, 2007


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Andy Havens

Interesting. I read this quote much differently than you, it seems. The "world we cannot see," in my interpretation, is the future. Which, yes, can be scary. But not a frightening, unknowable technical vortex. It may also mean that they are preparing students for a much wider world -- which can be accessed through technology -- than simply the one in the classroom.

Either way, I found this article to be on the hopeful/helpful side of the technology story. It seems like this school district is at least trying to get teachers into the new century. Lots of other positive points in the story. One weird quote isn't much to go by, especially one as fuzzy as that.

peter naegele

I think a lot of what we are seeing here is simply the fear of the unknown. The overall message is hopeful, yes, but the article's author is spinning it in a way to make the situation look less so.

The movement by the PM of Australia is another sign of hope in a gloomy forecast. Read it HERE.

Steve B

The "invisible world" phrasing makes me think of Faerie.

pete naegele

@Steve B

And witchcraft as well!

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