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May 03, 2010


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There's another article along these lines that claims that the video game industry is using B.F. Skinner theories to keep us all playing.


I'm really curious about what's behind video game addiction. I'm not sure it's real, though I know people and have seen my own kids get sucked in for hours upon hours. I tend to think that there's just nothing else out there that kids (or adults for that matter) find stimulating enough. I think these are the same people who would zone out in front of the tv. Personally, though I'm a gamer myself, I get bored with the game after a while. But a lot of games are the kind of things that you're going to play for several hours in a row. And some people turn that into twelve or fourteen or twenty in a row. Maybe at some point, they really do become the proverbial rat in the box and quit thinking like a human.

Bryan Alexander

I'm fascinated, Laura, by how so much addiction discourse assumes a good life available to addicts (or "addicts"). And how none of it minds tv, which gets either ignored or just folded smoothly into "screens."

Cracked reminds me of Jon Stewart: funny satire, and sometimes useful stuff. Both beat the heck out of tv news.

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