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November 18, 2012


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This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing! Gives me another reason to get to London! Became acquainted with the Wellcome Trust of London because of their excellent resources in medical & life scientific history that the U of M medical library had. The publications, & reviews, sponsored by Wellcome, supplemented by those of Isis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis_(journal)), happily plunged one deep into the world of the serious historian, & were fascinating even in the evocative titles of their histories. I'd forgotten exploring Wellcome, & appreciate the memory jog.

Ran across a pamphlet, in English no less, that I picked up at the Basel city historical museum early 1990 on the Basel Dance of Death, which was one of the artistic treasures the town was proud of, & prominently featured in the museum. Had made a Basel pilgrimage in honor of Nietzsche, & discovered, not in city history but in the art museum, Arnold Böcklin, whose macabre images deserve highlighting somehow among Infocult readers, & whose works are a second reason demanding a pilgrimage to the Basel museums if ever nearby on the continent. I turned a corner in the art museum & came across "The Plague"!


How interesting that the "bad man" has books by Spinoza, Lucretius & Ovid on his shelf.

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