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March 07, 2013


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Joe Murphy

They taught me about "garbage in, garbage out" in grade school (and specifically in the context of computers, although I never had meaningful programming instruction). Has that principle been lost in the drive to "teach kids to code"? (Or, more likely, in the drive to sit down, shut up, and memorize what is on the state assessment exams...)


Seems to me this is the "long tail" in action--marketers and vendors trying to cover all market niches, and the automation goes awry. But hey--this development may create a new job niche for humanities grads: long tail filter specialists, folks who have sufficient critical thinking skills and cultural literacy to prevent these kinds of blunders.

Bryan Alexander

Good point, Joe. Or the rush to profit.

I think you just glimpsed the future, Leslie. Humanists as.... readers.

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