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"...I had spent the day wearily over books.."
WAIT!... Doesn't Dracula sleeps during the day...??

Elizabeth Miller

Zirrio asks, "Doesn't Dracula sleep during the day?" You might want to check the discussion elsewhere in another thread. The short answer is: not necessarily.

Steve Burnett

Zirrio, I believe the statement "I had spent the day wearily over books" is written by Jonathan Harker, and is neither made by Dracula or about Dracula. If I'm wrong, let me know please.

Baby Jinx

Elizabeth: Does it say anywhere in Stoker's notes on what day Jonathan left England on the start of his journey to Transylvania?

Elizabeth Miller

Yes. The Calendar of Events records:
April 25 - Leave London 8:5 pm [I assume he means 8:50]

Harker travels via Paris, Munich (where he stays for 4 days), Vienna (stayed 1 day). Stoker has recorded all the arrival and departure times. He was certainly a stickler for schedule details. :)

Actually there are several pre-May 3 entries, back to as early as March 16. All of this stuff was eventually jettisoned.He did, however, develop one of the discarded episodes (April 27 - "adventure snowstorm and wolf")into a separate story, "Dracula's Guest." (This story is not, as many suppose, the original first chapter of "Dracula", dropped on request of the publisher.)

Baby Jinx

Has anyone taken it upon themselves to publish these pre-May 3 entries? Or, at least, to make them available on a website (hint)? They might not be worth a book in themselves but certainly would be worth detailing as part of a book on Stoker's notes (another hint). I know that I, for one, would love to read them.

Elizabeth Miller

Unfortunately, Stoker's Notes have not been published in their entirety. The most comprehensive coverage is probably in one of my own books: Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Documentary Volume (vol 304 of the Dictionary of Literary Biography). That, however, is a reference book and outside of university libraries it is not readily available.

I have been asked by two separate publishers to prepare an edition of the Notes - with commentary. I'd love to do it - and may yet take it on - but there are many obstacles. Not the least is the fact that over half of the 87 pages of Notes are handwritten - and at times the writing is ineligible. Also, many of the Notes are undated. You think sorting out the dates in the novel is a nit-picky task! You should see the Notes!

By the way, if you want to see the Notes in their entirety, they are under lock and key at the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia.


What is Dracula's true motive for leaving Jonathan Harker alive? Why did he not just kill him and be done with it? Did he develop a sympathy for him that he could not do the deed himself and must leave it to the three brides?

Baby Jinx


We never really get to know Dracula's motives, as he keeps no journal and, aside from his discussions with Jonathan at the castle, he has very few speaking parts.

From what we are given, I think he means to leave Jonathan for the three vampiresses. In Jonathan's journal entries which we read today (12 May), Jonathan unknowingly answers your question when he describes how Dracula is making arrangements with some half dozen solicitors around England -- solicitors who will have no knowledge nor need to commerce with Harker.

At this point in the story, Harker has become expendable to Dracula.

Baby Jinx


I have to take back what I just wrote above. After reflecting a bit longer, I seem to recall Dracula at some point admonishing the three vampiresses for trying to "love" Jonathan and telling them that Jonathan "belongs to me" and that they can have him when he (Dracula) is done with him. Or am I mixing up the novel with the movie?

The question now becomes one of what does Dracula still need Jonathan for?

Elizabeth Miller


Yes, that's in the book. Entry of May 16. I'm sure we'll discuss it in full when we get to that date, as it's one of the most disputed passages in the book. The answer to your question (assuming there is one)has to be found in Jonathan's post-May 16 entries (hint: May 19).

Spoiler Alert

Re Stoker's notes at the Rosenbach: I may be passing through Philadelphia sometime this summer. Are the notes available to viewing, must I make an appointment, must I show proof of Ph.D., etc?



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