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Baby Jinx

As we blog along, I find it helpful to occasionally recap where the story stands in relation to the main characters. Let's see.

We have Jonathan Harker at Castle Dracula, certain that he is being held prisoner by a man and three women who seem to possess supernatural powers and are anxious to drink his blood.

We have Mina (no last name given) at school, worried and wondering why Jonathan hasn't written to her.

We have Lucy Westenra, newly betrothed to Arthur Holmwood, and flying on Cloud Nine after having had her hand also asked for by the good doctor Jack Seward and the slang-talking American, Quincey P. Morris, all three of whom are friends with each other.

Finally, we have R. M. Renfield, a patient at Dr Seward's sanatarium, who is affording the doctor with an interesting study of a patient who seems to enjoy studying flies.

Except for Dr Van Helsing, we now have all the main characters present and accounted for.


How soon is the next diary entry?

It might be cool if the main page had some sort of countdown, "5 days until next post" or something similar.


I'd as soon not know when the next entry is. That's part of the bloggy experience. What would it be like to be Mina waiting for news of Jonathan? The nailbiting is a part of the novel, now.

Anyway, there are enough P.D. texts and ebooks of Dracula available online that you could google a unique text string like "He thought for a moment, and then said, 'May I have three days? I shall clear them away.' Of course, I said that would do. I must watch him," and you'd have your answer in under a minute.


Check the front page today!

Baby Jinx

I wrote: "We have Mina (no last name given) at school..."

This is just a correction to my comment about Mina not having a last name. I don't know where my mind was at when I wrote that, because Mina's full name is at the head of every one of her journal entries as Miss Mina Murray.

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