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Great scene - one of the best in the book! So much can be said about it. Freudians and feminists have had a field day with the "gang-rape" of Lucy.

For now I will limit myself to a few notes re the word "nosferatu", used here for the first time by Van Helsing.
The word is best known to us today as the title of the first extant movie based on Stoker's novel - "Nosferatu" (1922), a German silent film directed by F W Murnau. Murnau borrowed the word from Stoker who uses it in "Dracula" as a synonym for "vampire." But where did Stoker find it?

He borrowed it from "Transylvanian Superstitions", an article written in 1885 by a Scottish lady, Emily Gerard, an amateur folklorist who spent 2 years in Transylvania. She apparently mis-heard a word that she transcribed as "nosferatu". Romanian linguists assure me there is no such word in the Romanian language, though there are a few that are somewhat close: necuratul, nesuferit, nosophoros (Greek).

Captain Slack

(Apologies if this post twice; it timed out the first time.)

"But Arthur never faltered. He looked like a figure of Thor as his untrembling arm rose and fell, driving deeper and deeper the mercy-bearing stake..."

As the resident Anni Draculae maven, I feel it incumbent on me to note that Kim Newman references that sentence in "Anno Dracula". An undead Art Holmwood (turned by Prime Minister Ruthven himself) "remember[s] with a shudder the Thor-like blows which had driven the stake through his then-beloved Lucy" and notes that, had she not met her true death at his hands, she might have been an honoured figure in the Prince Consort's new order.

Steven Kaye

I've found claims that a single blow with a stake is required, else the vampire is revived.

But then, I've also found references to the vampire returning to its appearance before becoming undead if a stake is driven through its heart with three blows.

Anyone know if either of these are authentic folklore beliefs?


Isn't something missing at the end of this section? Isn't there a continuation of Dr. Seward's diary in which Mina meets Dr. Seward? Or is everyone seeing this on-line but me?


David, I think you are right.

Bryan: check the continuation of Seward's diary at the beginning of Chapter 17 ("When we arrived at the Berkeley"). I think it was inadvertently omitted.

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