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Writing-desk Raven

'whispered, like a voice that one hears in a dream, so low it was.'
'And as their laugh came through the silence of the night, they twined their arms and pointed to her, and said in those so sweet tingling tones that Jonathan said were of the intolerable sweetness of the water glasses, "Come, sister. Come to us. Come!"'
Good scene. --> Does anyone recall ever having seen or heard of this in any movie?
-W-d R

PS: As you may recognize, 'water glasses' might also include the Glass Armonica by Benjamin Franklin, as appropriate to this scene and time as the Theramin to "The Tempest" as "Forbidden Planet".

Baby Jinx

"Does anyone recall ever having seen or heard of this in any movie?"

For sure it's in FFC's "Dracula," and most probably in the BBC "Dracula" (the one with Louis Jourdan). It's not in "Dracula" with Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella, or Christopher Lee ("The Horror of Dracula"). I'd have to check to see if it's in the Spanish-made "Count Dracula" with Christopher Lee. A good scene, I agree.

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