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I'd love to see the variorum edition! I have absolutely no claim to be a big Dracula or gothic fan--just like to read and have loved this blog ever since I first stumbled on it. I had only read the novel once before--one thing I learned is how much fun it is to read in a group, especially a group with experts like some of you, and to be forced to read slowly.
This blog has seen me through lots of travel (tip: the internet connections aren't very good in Malawi. Both Mozambique and Tanzania are better); it's been wonderful to find everyone at home whenever I can get on line.
So thank you everybody and please, please, do the variorium, perhaps with some multimedia added as well.


Another vote for the variorum edition, with comment slate clear for new comments. I suspect most of us will be back next year, (God willing) and would like to read something a little bit different.

Marty Busse

I would like it if this year's edition (with comments) was archived, and then a variorium edition with multimedia (mostly maps) was put together.

Having maps to add some backgroudn to the story would be really nice.


Variorum, I hope. I have quite a bit of material that I can contribute. I think maps would be a great addition, as well as excerpts form Stoker's chief sources (all of which I have) and additional textual annotations. It would be also interesting to select a few key scenes and, as we go along, outline how they are adapted by various media (movies, musicals, ballets, etc).

Thanks, Bryan, for getting this off the ground.

Writing-desk Raven

Re. maps to add some background to the story would be really nice

Numerous maps were posted via links in comments.
You might search the Dracula web log with keywords "expedia.com/pub", "nationalgeographic.com", and "map AND Romania" for Bryan's comment listing pages(!) of 'em.

how 'bout illustrations of common scenes and items, today unfamiliar?
Actual typewriters most likely used. Small steam launches. (Links were posted.) I'd wager lotsa folks nowadays have never seen either.
An illustration typical of what the five-hand Demeter might've looked like could be cool, too--likely a schooner. On that, it'd be great to have mebbe a scan of an engraving of such coach types as the Diligence (there were at least a couple with intriguing names), a London cab, cartage, a train compartment. Dr. Seward's pre-PDA. Ball points and the like did not exist. What did else did characters write with, and on?

For convenience, similar stuff might be linked in a variorium.
Two credits to Coppola: he had costumes and some settings done very well.
http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mma/AtoZ/rigpics/Fundy.gif http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mma/AtoZ/rigpics/ketch.gif

Bryan Alexander

Thank you, everyone. I think a 2006 Dracula blog variorum is a good idea.

I'm especially glad that people have been willing to help. Any thoughts about how to do this, beyond blog post comments and informal contacts? I wonder if we should stage some readings, conducted by a group of us. I'd be happy to do sound editing and publishing to the web.

Joe Curtiss

What ever you do... Don't get rid of the blog, I read it everyday!

Joe Curtiss

Whatever you do... Don't get rid of the blog, I read it everyday!

Joe Curtiss

Okay so I'm a little late... and I posted the same comment twice... and I'm stuttering. I still like this blog.

Baby Jinx

"I'm especially glad that people have been willing to help. Any thoughts about how to do this...?"

I'm kind of at a loss to make any suggestions because I don't really know what a "blog variorum" is, I don't maintain any websites, and I don't know what needs to be done to get things online. I'm also wondering how to go about discussing what needs doing before the Dracula blog starts up again next May. Should we move such discussion to a different forum or would it be best for everyone to work things out right here?

I'd like to suggest that discussions might take place over on alt.vampyres (Usenet). It's easier to hold running discussions on a Usenet group rather than having to tack them on to a "Recent Post" as you have to do on the blog. Plus, Google will log everything in one place so that you don't have to go searching to find the "Recent Post" on which certain prior comments were made.

Another possibility is to set up an email system, kind of like a listserve where all interested parties keep in contact with each other by email. I don't know how to set up a formal listserve, but I could set up a reflector, which would work just like a listserve with a lot less hassle to create.

I also think we should have a "fearless leader," someone who could coordinate what needs doing and knows how to get things in a format accessible from the blog. I guess that means you, Brian, since this blog is your baby.

James Knoppow

I think I intruded a post here. I think maybe this is a private concern here. If so, I apologize.

Ashley Bowers

What a great year it has been congrats on all your hard work! Have a merry Christmans and happy New Year!

Bryan Alexander

2006 is young, but I think the variorum blog edition is the best way forward.

Speaking of which, did anyone else catch this machinima of "Dracula's Guest"?


I vote for a variorum that includes podcasts would be a great idea.


Just a post to say that I have been eargerly awaiting (or is it.."anxiously expecting") the return of this blog. I have been in the process of rereading Dracula myself and have compiled many interesting questions and comments that I would love to have analyzed by experts such as frequent this blog. Hope to see you all back here soon.



Thanks for posting and reading, Tyler. We're getting ready for May's second run, and blogging some goodies in the meantime.

And thanks, Matthew.


One idea is a "photo contest." Everyone would submit a photo (their own) that they feel fits the mood or theme of the chapter (or entry). Whoever wins will have their photo head the post, like how books will often have a representative illustration at the beginning of every chapter.

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