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Baby Jinx

"We heard at Fundu..."

Today Fundu, yesterday Veresti, the Rivers Bistritza, Pruth, and Sereth. How nice it would be to have a map of Romania. Next time around maybe? What would it involve to round up some maps and get them online and attached to the Dracula blog? Let's see...we'd need a map of Europe in order to show Harker's journey from London to the Borgo Pass, as well as the Demeter's route from Varna to Whitby and the Czarina Catherina's route from London back to Varna/Galatz. A map of Whitby would also be nice, showing the harbor, the abbey, the graveyard, etc. And a map of England to see the relation of Whitby to London, and a map of London, of course, showing Purfleet and other places of mention. A map of Romania would be nice, too, showing Galatz, Veresti, the Sereth, etc. And wouldn't it be grand if we could get them in 1890 editions?


I'm working on these for my upcoming print edition.

In the meantime, how about this 1882 map of Romania and Bulgaria: http://feefhs.org/maps/BALK/ba-bulg.html ?
For more current maps, check out the CIA Factbook map of Romania: http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ro.html .
Googling images of "Romania maps": http://images.google.com/images?q=map+romania&hl=en&hs=RLg&lr=&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&sa=N&tab=ii&oi=imagest .
And, in case you haven't had enough, here is *a page* of links to Romania maps: http://www.aboutromania.com/maps00.html .

Baby Jinx

It's a start. What we'd have to do, maybe during the novel break from November to May, is to scrutinize each of the available maps and determine which ones best serve the purpose for illustrating places and routes mentioned in _Dracula_. Another question is whether the Dracblog should just link to existing mapsites or create its own website on which to house them. Are there copyright considerations when using maps? Can we embellish maps, e.g., draw in the route of the Demeter on a map of Europe?


Copyright does apply to maps (they're named as copyrighted in the US Constitution), which is why I'm deep in the world of permissions.

I wonder about Google Maps. I've already use Google Earth to fly between Romania and London, in today's world. Perhaps a map of Europe always linked/displayed from the main page, showing where today's content is?

Baby Jinx

How about hand-drawing our own maps and putting them all on one website rather than deal with copyrights and permissions? Hand-drawn maps would not only look more rustic (which might be out of character with Stoker's technology-rich focus?) but could be drawn to our own specifications, leaving out extraneous detail that would only serve to distract. All we would need then would be a scanner and a website. I guess, since I'm suggesting it, I could look into the feasibility of creating said maps, although I'm no artist, much less a cartographer.

Baby Jinx

UWM has a cartographic collection. What it holds, I do not know. I'll check it out to see what they have, but I won't be able to do it until the end of November or thereabouts.

Writing-desk Raven

"We heard at Fundu that the launch had gone up the Bistritza."
How is it that the horses of the fast scouts, Quincey and John, are behind the boat? Travelling light by horse (no carriage, light gear) v. the boat stopping for all traffic overtaken?
The ways for horses and access to river views would be difficult, surprisingly so in the terrain of farmland, though understandably so in sub-alpine forest.

The mountainous terrain in the story seems rather like the Scottish Highlands of the imagination: more like New Zealand than Scotland. So far, I've found no maps of Romania whose topography actually corresponds to the story, at least with respect to having seen lands that really can be high, steep, or forbidding.

'can see how the story has been becoming good for popularity of travel to Romania.

Writing-desk Raven

"We heard at Fundu that the launch had gone up the Bistritza."
Maybe the horsemen scouts are wanting for good maps. "'ey Jack, the E85 will be close on the Siret, then the 15 along the Bistrita through Piatra Neamt will connect with the 17 through Bistritz. 'should be easy to keep sight of the river through the deforestation. 'be a hash getting through the suburban sprawl 'round Bacau, tho."

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