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this is from the book right?
its been a while since ive read the book.


No, it's a news story, although the novel does feature an investigation.

Baby Jinx

And, as most of us know, it's incorrect. Dracula did not melt in the sunlight. He did not even need to stay indoors during daylight hours. He could be out and about at any time, although you might catch him wearing a straw hat to keep the direct sun away from his face. I'm no vampire, but I can certainly relate to the need to wear sunglasses and hats in the sunlight.


Dracula did not need to stay out of the sun but it did cause him discomfort and he preferred the night, so it was not the same as with humans. Count Orlok gets credit for being the first vampire to be killed by sunlight (though he did not melt). Anne Rice popularized it further and now it's pretty much defacto in vampire stories. I like it that way though.

Baby Jinx

Re: Count Orlok gets credit for being the first vampire to be killed by sunlight (though he did not melt).

We really don't know just what happened to Orlock, do we? As the sun came through the window, he shielded himself with his hands and then just disappeared. Did he vaporize? Was he like a shadow that ceased to exist in the light? Was he negated? Evaporated? What do you think happened to Orlock?


Count Orlock disappeared in order to escape. Upon coming to the conclusion that things were getting too heated in England, he packed up shop and moved onward to America. He ran for office and eventually succeeded- changing his name to Strom Thurmond.


The sun did not cause Dracula discomfort - at least not in the novel. He did, however, lose his supernatural powers during the daylight hours.

As for Orlock sightings, my nod goes to "ruthless Rummie". They both remind me of a rat!


Yes, sunlight DID cause Dracula pain and diminish his powers.

It is also notable in the novel that Dracula can walk about in the daylight, in bright sunshine, though apparently in discomfort and without the ability to use most of his powers, like turning into mist or a bat. He is still strong and fast enough to struggle with and escape from most of his male pursuers, in a scene in the book.

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