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Before we start, I want to explain (especially for those joining us for the first time) two sources to which I will no doubt be making frequent reference.

1. Stoker's Notes for Dracula (the "Notes"). This collection, located at the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia, comprises various lists of characters, outlines, plot changes, notes from sources, etc. written by Stoker between 1890 amd 1896. The Notes have not been published in full, though a few pages have appeared here and there (eg 12 pages, the largest number in any one publication, appear in my own volume on Dracula in the Dictionary of Literary Biography series - #304). I am thoroughly familiar with the entire contents of the Notes.

2. The final draft of the novel ("Typescript"). The Typescript, dated 1897, appears to have been the printer's copy. It is currently held by a private collector (anonymous) who purchased it at auction (Christie's 2002) for $940,000. It is not available for viewing. I do, however, have a slight inside track on some of its contents which I will share with you as we proceed.

I'm ready!


Sounds like fun. How exhaustive are the notes?


There are 85 sheets, but some have notes on both front and back. And in some cases, 2 or 3 smaller sheets of notes are pasted onto a large sheet. About 120 "pages" in all.

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