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Bryan Alexander

And the novel starts revving back up.

Notice that this post isn't appearing on the date of publication, if we include that as when the log is discovered. We're blogging each entry on its self-described date of inscription.

Bryan Alexander

"Backsheesh. All correct." Acceptable bribery.

Demeter: Greek grain goddess, bringing fertility. The horrific irony of this will become apparent.
(Herzog's 1979 Nosferatu film uses a different name: Contiminata)

Please note Elizabeth Miller's comment last year, concerning Stoker's notes about this section:

PS: typo corrected


I think that it is correct to publish the log to date on Jul 18, as opposed to an entry for each day mentioned in the log. The Captain mentions that he has suddenly decided to keep an accurate log on the 18th because of the unusual events--suggesting that keeping an accurate log may not be his usual practice. As such, I would call into question the accuracy of the earlier events--they are clearly written through the lens of his point of view of July 18, and hence should be (and are) posted here on July 18. The greater the trouble related to Dracula, the more detail the Captain seems to write with. The earlier dates are mentioned only to the extent that they help explain how they got to where they were on the 18th. This makes it very different from Jonathan's journal, where the earlier entries mention things like chicken recipes that he wouldn't be thinking about at all when imprisoned in the castle.

Bryan Alexander

Good point, David. That all-in-one, retrospective entry is important because it represents the captain's decision to remember the past.

I'm reminded of ghost stories, which usually represent an eruption of history into the present.

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