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Child-brain is right... Why go to all the trouble of setting up an elaborate and devious getaway plan when you only intend to retreat back to the bolt-hole which your enemies already know the location of? (If I was in Dracula's place, I think I might have planned an extended stop-over in a slightly less obvious locale) Talk about a subconscious death-wish... Not that I think a tediously drawn-out global hunt would make a stronger ending to the novel, so it's better to suspend disbelief.

Baby Jinx

"If I was in Dracula's place, I think I might have planned an extended stop-over in a slightly less obvious locale..."

I doubt that Dracula's ego ever even considered the fact that he would fail in his move to England. However, after seeing some 50 of his earthboxes destroyed and being embedded in the sole remaining box, he was probably desparate to get back to his native soil.


Good point ego-wise, though you'd still expect a supposedly competent military commander to plan a slightly more effective retreat strategy. Unless that was really one of his body-doubles they decapitated, of course, and the real Count Dracula is in fact swanning around Brazil under an alias, plotting his comeback...


I think we have a workable Hitler-driven-to-the-bunker analogy going on here... excepting that Hitler was ever and always a rotten military commander when left to his own devices (which - to do him as much justice as he deserves - would be a less than fair thing to say of Prince Vlad III).

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