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Ceredwyn Alexander

Pod cast? Please?


I love the idea of image links and tags, and also the idea of a read-aloud podcast.


I'd love to see route mapping, possibly using QuikMaps?

John Lynch

I dream big. What about a podcast, but with different voice actors recording the different characters' journal entries? Of course, you'd have to find a lot of Brits, then...

Steve B

I approve of links back to the same entry in previous years as potentially a way of providing second-order discussion. I also like the podcast idea.


I'm liking the podcast and Flickr image ideas. And route maps are a great suggestion as well! All of these seem like they'd be even more work than just maintaining the blog itself - I'd be more than happy to lend a hand if you need it - just say the word. Otherwise, I'll be very interested to see what develops by May!

Steve B

Oh, my wife has been listening to a recording of _Dracula_ from LibriVox.


I'm happy to help with podcasting Drac this year if you like.


I will also add a vote for the maps idea, since I love the way the book suggests the routes followed.


Links back to previous blogs and route maps, please.


I would quite like to be able to link back to my previous comments, just in case any sort of response / discussion is going on.

Marty Busse

How about a podcast commentary to go along with the section? Not all entires would be suitable for this, but if someone like Elizabeth was willing to do a few of these, it would be freat.

Flickr photos would be good-maybe people in the UK and other points can be found to take pictures of locations mentioned in the story on the appropriate days.

Links back to old commentary would also be a very good idea.


I wouldn't mind doing some running commentary but I could not commit to every date. I am spending the last 2 weeks of May in - you guessed it - Transylvania, a few days in early June in Indianapolis and a week in late June in Idaho. (Vampires - in Idaho, you ask??) And on it goes... See what I mean?

Maybe I could write comments in advance and someone could store and load them as appropriate. I am not an expert on computer technology so someone would have to lead me by the fang.

By the way, the edition of Stoker's Notes that I am working on is almost finished!


Another possibility would be to post current events that actually occurred in the real world on the date in question, assuming that the year in which the novel is set is 1893 as Elizabeth believes. It might be interesting to see if there are any points at which events in the real world, such as in England or Transylvania, drive the action in the book. I have no idea whether this is the case or not but it would be interesting to see if anyone has access to physical or online old newspaper clippings from 1893.


That's a good idea too! I love timelines, and given that Dracula is so specific about dates, providing a way of linking those dates to specific contexts and events would be useful and interesting! (Even to trends: what did people wear? what did their houses look like?)

Marty Busse

At lest two real newspapers are mentioned in the novel: the Pall Mall Gazette and the Westminster Gazette.

I'll look and see if I can get access to copies of them for the year 1893.


If even a fraction of these ideas come to fruition, there's clearly lots to look forward to. Bring on Dracula season!

(I'd also offer my voice if anyone is considering John Lynch's proposal for a multi-voice podcast. I'm not British, but after a couple hours of Masterpiece Theater, I can fake it...)


I'm sure any of us could fake British accents as well as Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves in FF Coppola's film! (Or better, recalling Reeves's mightiest of lines.) And anyway, readers need to be able to do Dracula's Eastern European accent, Van Helsing, Quincy.... So Britishness need not be a requirement.

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