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A couple of comments on the dating of the novel.

The story spans a period of 6 months, from May 3 (first entry) to November 6. Originally, Stoker had planned for the narrative to begin earlier. His Notes for the novel show that at one point the story was to begin on March 16 with the first of several letters between the Count and Hawkins (Harker's employer). Eventually, Stoker jettisoned these letters, as well as a series of adventures that Harker was to have in Munich enroute to Castle Dracula.


"...on making inquiries as to details he seemed somewhat reticent..."

I wonder what details specifically are being referred to here. I find it somewhat interesting the different reactions of the landlord and the landlady. The landlord clearly knows something but he will not say what. The landlady, on the other hand, holds nothing of her fears back.

What would account for the different reactions? My speculation is that the letter from the Count to the landlord was hand-delivered by one of the three Brides, in typically seductive fashion. The landlord doesn't want anyone--and least of all his wife--to know about steps he may have taken with the Bride towards vampirism and/or marital infidelity.

Needless to say, this is pure speculation on my part. But it seems obvious that the landlord is holding something back that is never revealed to Jonathan or the reader.


I suspect that the letter was delivered by someone who is better at blending into the crowd than the Brides. :) The difference could just be a personality difference.

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