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Marty Busse

Why exactly, does Dracula have to wait until the date of the last letter to off Johnathan? Since he has the letters in hand, can't Drac give Johnathan the old bite to the neck, drain him dry, fling the corpse out the window, and then just mail off the letters on the appropriate dates?


"Back! Back to your own place! Your time is not yet come. Wait! Have patience! Tonight is mine. Tomorrow night is yours!"

Here we have what I consider the greatest textual conundrum of the entire novel. The statement "Tonight is mine" suggests that the Count intends to feed on Jonathan. Indeed, it is used frequently by literary critics who are looking for homoerotic undercurrents in the text. BUT the line does not appear in the first edition of the novel. Its initial appearance is in the first American edition of 1899.Who inserted it and why? We do not know. (It does not appear in Stoker's typescript which served as the printer's copy in 1897.)

While I am here - good to see Jeanne Kalogridis dropping by. Jeanne was one of several authors of vampire novels who were guests at "Dracula 97" in Los Angeles, an event that I co-organized. I have many fond memories of that wonderful week. I was saddened to learn that another of our author/guests, Fred Saberhagen, passed away just a few days ago.


I did not know that about Fred Saberhagen, Elizabeth; thanks for letting us know.

Next time you're in Vancouver, we have to go to Transylvania Flavour


and "eat like a knight"!

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