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Leslie S. Klinger

Here begins the most serious problem with belief in the veracity of Harker's journal: The geographical description does not match the reality of the Borgo Pass. In addition, it is evident that Jonathan has copied much of his description from Johnson's "On the Track of the Crescent" (1885).

An interesting point, which I must credit to Jonathan Noble, a correspondent in Australia, is that while Stoker's notes indicate that Dracula had instructed Harker's employer, Peter Hawkins, that he send an agent who spoke no German, Dracula here addresses Harker "in excellent German." Who does Dracula think he is addressing? The letter left by Dracula at the Golden Krone in Bistritz is addressed to "my friend," suggesting that Dracula expected Hawkins himself to come.


This would suggest that Dracula wanted Hawkins to send someone who spoke no German because Dracula didn't want that person to be freaked out (prematurely) by hearing snippets of conversation as to Dracula's true nature in German. This in turn would suggest that Hawkins himself DOES understand the true nature of who / what Dracula is. And if this is the case, why is Hawkins so careless? Why doesn't Hawkins inform Dracula as to the change in plans in a more timely manner, and why doesn't Hawkins follow the instructions re sending someone who doesn't speak any German? Also if Dracula still thinks that the person who arrives at the Borgo Pass is Hawkins, even at that late date, doesn't that sort of contradict the idea that Dracula left prior instructions as to whom to send in Hawkins' place?

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