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Elizabeth Miller

"Back! Back to your own place! Your time is not yet come. Wait! Have patience! Tonight is mine. Tomorrow night is yours!"

This excerpt indicates that "Dracula Blogged" is not blogging the 1st edition (1897) of the novel. The original text reads "Tomorrow night, tomorrow night is yours." Nor does the "Tonight is mine" line appear in the manscript. It first made an appearance in the 1899 Doubleday(first American edition). Who made the change and why? A big mystery!

The change is a crucial one. "Tonight is mine" has been frequently used to support homoerotic readings of the novel. But did Stoker write it?

Theories, anyone?

Bryan Alexander

Yup, first edition is what I'm working from. That's the text I've been using to prepare my edition of the novel, too.

What do we know about the American editor(s), Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Miller

Which edition is being used for the blog? Just curious - as many editions claim that the 1897 Constable is their source, but it clearly is not...

I know nothing about the American editors. Les, did you come across any info re Doubleday?

Elizabeth Miller

I did a quick check of a few of my editions of "Dracula":
Leonard Wolf, Clive Leatherdale, Auerbach & Skal (Norton Critical Ediiton), and Klinger all use 1897. McNally & Florescu, Williams (New Riverside) use 1899 (American edition). So does Gutenberg online - surprising, as they state that's it's the 1897.

Check any copies of "Dracula" that you have and let me know what you find.

Michael Gordon

I have The Essential Dracula (Leonard Wolf, ibooks, inc.). It uses Yale University's copy of the second printing of the first edition. No mention of "Tonight is mine."


dracula are you there?


will you bite me tonigt? please

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