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(I really don't know what to think about that "dazzle" bit. Because the more we talk about it, the more it seems like--it's ehietr a huge chain of coincidences, or it's not so much "Stephenie Meyer never read any vampire books" as "Stephenie Meyer read ALL the vampire books.")I have thing about that for a while now I'm think Smeyer is lying through her teeth both to look original "I'm so creative that I dreamt it all!" its a lot more glamourous than just stating that she read a lot of vampire books and changed and added what she though it will work and to cover her ass for all the goth fans and academic writers.I mean to use and example: Rosalie's story can be read as Lucy's revenge.I mean Lucy (the pretty spoiled, rich girl) gets staked after becoming a vampire in a scene that is very similar to a gang rape and Rosalie (the pretty spoiled rich girl, gets to kill the men that gang raped her wearing the wedding dress after turned into a vampire and instead of disappearing she gets a vampire husband, more money, more beauty and a loving family. I totally wait for her to reveal on her bio that reveals what she added and what she omitted to the vampire myths to make the story work, like it or not the books has been a lot more successful that other recently and better written, vampire ones. I also have my own idea that aside from being written as a fan fiction it is a fan fiction of many classical books that "fixes" what made couples like Romeo and Juliet and Cathy and Heatcliff not have their happy endings.Or she is just too damn lucky!

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