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Leslie S. Klinger

Apparently Van Helsing couldn't get his old room at the Great Eastern Hotel, where has as staying previously. Again, the date here may be inaccurate, if the previous entries are misdated.

Why the sudden onset of maternal care from Mrs. Westenra. Are we to understand that Dracula made her do this?

So much for Van Helsing's "temper of the ice-brook"--couldn't he have seen Lucy first, then broken down?

Van Helsing talks like he knows what he's doing as a doctor, but we should wonder. Although blood-typing wasn't truly understood, there was at least some contemporary sense that certain donors' blood was good for a patient and other donors' wasn't. Having successfully transfused Lucy twice without problems, Van Helsing now subjects her to a donation from a third donor. His (and her) luck holds, and once again she survives--but is this good doctoring? We'll see in a few days that, apparently heedless of his incredible fortune in the blood-donor-lottery, he tries one more donor and manages that time to kill Lucy.

Andrew Connell

September 11th Dr. Seward's Diary: Dr. Seward returns to Hillingham, Dr. Van Helsing receives his parcel of garlic flowers from the Netherlands and he and Dr. Seward return to Liverpool Street/Purfleet to rest.


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