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Andrew Connell

Sept 2 Van Helsing - Amsterdam to London:


Sept 3 Drs. Seward and Van Helsing, London to Hillingham, Dr. Van Helsing to Amsterdam



poor lucy


thats not a short distance

Andrew Connell

Sept 7 Van Helsing returns from Amsterdam again, teams up with Dr. Seward to attend to Lucy at Hillingham and then Van Helsing returns to Amsterdam that evening (the good doctor travels a lot in one day [several times in September]).


Andrew Connell

Also, as September rolls on and all the characters start arriving in London, the maps get more complex. Here is the Character Color Key to help keep them straight:


Andrew Connell

Sept 10 Van Helsing returns to Hillingham from Amsterdam (again) to relieve Dr. Seward in watching over Lucy. Dr. Seward heads back to Purfleet to rest for the night.


Andrew Connell

Sept 11 Dr. Seward returns to Hillingham, Dr. Van Helsing receives his parcel of garlic flowers from the Netherlands and he and Dr. Seward return to Liverpool Street/Purfleet to rest.


Andrew Connell

Sept 17 CHAPTER 11: The Count visits the Zoo to secure the help of a grey wolf named Bersicker. He then heads for Hillingham. Dr. Van Helsing leaves London for Amsterdam.


Andrew Connell

Sept 17 CHAPTER 12 Letter from Mina Harker to Lucy Westenra (unopened) Jonathan and Mina return to Exeter and stay with Mr. Hawkins.


Andrew Connell

Sept 18 CHAPTER 12 Dr. Seward's Diary. Dr. Van Helsing, Dr. Seward and Quincey Morris to Hillingham.


gucci 2011

I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

Andrew Connell

I like that the Gucci corporation is following the blog... ;-)

Andrew Connell

Sept 22 CHAPTER 13 Mina Harker's Journal. Jonathan and Mina walk around London after attending the funeral of Mr. Hawkins. Jonathan believes he sees the Count outside Guiliano's. They then take the train back to Exeter. Dr. Van Helsing heads back to Amsterdam.


Andrew Connell

Sept 23 CHAPTER 13 Dr. Seward's Diary cont. Dr. Van Helsing returns to London from Amsterdam.


Andrew Connell

Sept 25 CHAPTER 14 TELEGRAM, MRS. HARKER TO VAN HELSING Dr. Van Helsing visits Mina Harker in Exeter.


Andrew Connell

Sept 26 CHAPTER 14 Jonathan Harker's Diary and Dr. Seward's Diary - Dr. Van Helsing returns to Exeter to meet with Jonathan and Mina Harker then returns to Purfleet to convince Dr. Seward that Lucy is the Bloofer Lady.


Andrew Connell

Sept 26/27 CHAPTER 15 Dr. Seward's Diary - Drs. Seward and Van Helsing go to the Cemetery and see Lucy.



I've flown from London to Amsterdam. The trip takes all of about 30 minutes. To drive it (were it not over water) might take 1-1/2 to 2 hours. It's entirely possible that Van Helsing could come to London in the morning and then return in the evening. London and Amsterdam are not that far apart.

Andrew Connell

Thanks babyjinx - glad you confirmed it's possible seeing as how VH rolls too and fro so many times he must have been dizzy.

Leslie Klinger (and previous authors he cites in The New Annotated Dracula) wonder why he must make so many trips back to Amsterdam. It is curious.

I wonder how long it really must have taken in hours to make the trip from Amsterdam to Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland) by train, then to Harwich by Ferry, then to London by train and then on to Hillingham (by carriage)?

Today, a default route from London to Amsterdam planned with Google Maps takes you south through the Chunnel and then north through France and Belgium (http://goo.gl/maps/CQZA) and takes 6 hrs and 6 mins (and probably considerably faster by today's high-speed rail).

Dragging the route away from the Chunnel and over the Harwich in order to take the ferry (http://goo.gl/maps/4HW9), the trip then takes 7 hrs and 38 mins. [Note that this is by car and not by rail.] I expect that today's autoroute is probably faster (avg. 70mph/112kph) than the rails of the 1890's as you not only had to contend with train departure schedules, but also numerous stops along the way. I reckon this 7 and a half hours back then might have been more like 9 or 10 hours door to door and that's if you planned the train and ferry schedules just right (and then had a fast carriage through London to/from Hillingham).

Very interesting indeed.

Andrew Connell

Sept 28 CHAPTER 16 Dr. Seward's Diary. Dr. Van Helsing and Dr. Seward meet up with Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood to confront Lucy Westenra at the cemetery.


Andrew Connell

Sept 29 CHAPTERS 16 and 17 Dr. Seward's Diary - Dr. Seward, Dr. Van Helsing, Quincey Morris and Arthur Holmwood go back to the cemetery to put Lucy to rest. Jonathan travels to Whitby and Mina travels to London.


Andrew Connell

Sept 30 CHAPTER 18 Jonathan Harker questions station-master at King's cross and Van Helsing arrives at Purfleet and a council of all characters is held.


Refresher for character colors... Character Color Key:


Andrew Connell

Oct 1 CHAPTER 20 Jonathan Harker's Journal - Jonathan interviews Thomas Snelling and Joseph Smollet.


Andrew Connell

Oct 2 CHAPTER 21 Jonathan Harker's Journal, Letter from Mitchell, Sons & Candy to Lord Godalming and Dr. Seward's Diary. The search for the locations of the Count's boxes of earth is continued.


Andrew Connell

Oct 3 CHAPTER 22-23 Jonathan Harker's Journal. The hunt to destroy the Count's boxes of earth is afoot.


Andrew Connell

Oct 3-4 CHAPTER 23 Jonathan Harker's Journal. Mina is hypnotized and senses the Count is on board a ship.


Andrew Connell

Oct 4 CHAPTER 24 Mina Harker's Journal. The group investigates the wharfs and discovers the count has departed for Varna on the Czarina Catherine.


Andrew Connell

Oct 5 The group contemplates their next move in London while the Count makes his way to Varna.


Andrew Connell

Oct 6 The group (continues) to contemplate their next move in London while the Count gets further away.


Andrew Connell

Oct 7 The group still plots what to do back in London while the Count continues to sail.


Andrew Connell

Oct 8 Group still in London while Count en route


Andrew Connell

Oct 9 All still in Purfleet while the Count (in theory) leaves the Bay of Biscay and heads southward west of Portugal.


Andrew Connell

Oct 10 No movement yet from the group in London - meanwhile Count travels further south aboard the Czarina Catherine.


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