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Incidentally, silver bullets should not be relegated completely to movie prop myth:



Dealing with team edward eh

i think you might need a billion more of those cases


Why bother with a bullet? Form the silver into shot, as in buckshot, birdshot and snakeshot. You can find .22 caliber rounds that have small lead pellets inside a plastic cap. The range is lousy but what proper Edward-shooting hero wouldn't want to get up close and personal with that target?

If you absolutely must have a bullet, form a silver core and insert it into a regular lead slug.

Marcus Twyman

The only problem with your plan is that you would never run out of targets, LOL! Good luck because you'll need it. I can hear them chanting now, "Protect Edward! Protect Edward!..."


Fernando Martínez

I am charmed with the things that you hang hereabouts.
The truth is that I have entered because I want to promote my blog of illustration.
It does little I have illustrated a juvenile book on Drácula, and it seems to me to be interesting to share it with you.


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