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Michael Gordon

And we're off!


Budapest and Transylvania are gorgeous this time of year. This, and your map, are making me miss them. Thank you for doing this!! :-D

Andrew Connell

Michael: Exciting isn't it!? I love the beginning of the book with the rich descriptions of wild Romania! So great.

Kari: I agree. We visited Budapest this time last year and the weather was perfect. Greatly enjoyed the Szechenyi baths, amazing food, warmly inviting people and, last but not least, delicious pálinka! We can't wait to go back.


So glad to start following the blog again! It'll wrap up right when we're reading Dracula in fall term!



(reminded me at the film with the counts eyes in the sky during Harkers train journey)

I planned for this year to do as well the trip in RL (London, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Cluj, Bistrita) but didn't managed due to other comittments - now I am following the book only in a culinary way (on the 30th of May Brandy, on the 1st Wine, had yesterday and today paprikahendl etc...)

Andrew Connell

Merowig: Good luck on being able to make this trip soon - should be amazing! Also, I love the culinary follow as well. Just made Hendl again this year (http://www.flickr.com/photos/connella/5686417413/in/photostream) to commemorate the start of the blog - love this recipe!

I have also just stumbled upon someone's interpretation of the (apparently made-up by Stoker) dish 'Robber Steak' - http://www.blog.sugarlotus.com/2009/10/from-draculas-kitchen-part-2-robber.html I may give this a go for fun as well. Also, roast chicken on the evening of the 5th of course to go with the Golden Mediasch wine (if you can find such a thing - Les Klinger goes into great detail in his wonderful 'The New Annotated Dracula' book - the page on Mediasch can be seen here on Google Books if you are interested: http://goo.gl/kNwZz ). Much easier to find is Slivovitsa, which I had in the Czech Republic and again in Budapest last year - quite harsh, but good.

Great idea on the kitchen accompaniment to Jonathan's travels - post pictures and enjoy!!


Forgot to take pictures of the paprika hendl
It is more authentic when you do it with Nockerln instead of rice (Austrian dumplings - very easy to prepare) and the second day as described in the book with Mamaliga (which can be found in shops under its Italian name Polenta).


Robbersteak - which is nothing else than shaslik/kebab

Didn't find vine from Medias - looked up the internet and also asked my gf who lives in Romania - so I had to substitute it with an other white vine from the wider region...
Thank you for the link but I can't see the book page - only the book reviews - might be perhaps because am not in the States.I have tried a US proxy but it says that the amount of views was exceeded...

Have as well a bottle of Tokaji :) (which goes with the roast chicken , the medias is with the "robbersteak")

Slivovitz was less a problem to organise.

Andrew Connell

Merowig: Great! Yes, last year I put Hendl over cheese gnocchi (http://www.flickr.com/photos/connella/4606641616/), but usually do it over rice to absorb all the excellent sauce.

I'd never heard of Nockerln before, but I read this recipe (http://www.food.com/recipe/hungarian-nockerl-8563) and the ingredients and preparation look very similar to Spaetzle - I will definitely make Nockerln (or Nockerl or Nokedli as it seems to be called in Hungary) next time I make it!! Thanks!

Love your photos - the Robbersteak looks delicious! Sorry about the Google Books link, yes, I suspect it's because you are not in the US. If you have a chance to get Les Klinger's book, I highly recommend it - very entertaining.


Found a working US Proxy and read over loads of pages - have ordered now the book :)
Thanks for the tip!

Andrew Connell

Excellent!!! Les has commented on this blog often in previous years, perhaps he'll stop in for another visit this year. Many of my approximations about locations and routes on my Google maps are from his book which I also own. Thanks again Les for the amazing work!

Bryan Alexander

Welcome aboard Michael, Merowig, Kari, and Cybersphinx!

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