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Well, after soliciting avcide here as well as on I'd nearly solidified the card names. I was struggling on the Robot card and was almost sold on Byte Me! but didn't like the connotation for a kid's game. Then, to my surprise, a co-worker wandered by and offered Mega-Byte with the described possible image of a Robot head taking a great big bite out of something As a result, the Event Deck now contains the additional cards:Dracula: Fangs A Bunch!Frankenstein: It's Alive!Mummy: I Want My Mummy!Robot: Mega-Byte!Swampman: Swim Trunks!Wolfman: Full Moon!But I'm still open to ideas, so feel free to keep posting them. In particular I've been considering changing Swampman to Catch of the Day and Frankenstein to Some Assembly Required! which I can see as good alternatives with some silly artwork.

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