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On the other hand, let's consider Joneses starring MBT sneakers

violin notes

Carriage through Carpathian Mountains" II. "The Castle" III. "Love Theme: Crossing Oceans of Time" IV. "London 1897" V. "Love and Death" VI. "Back to the Grave


I've never really been one for plinyag what I call flat characters.I've always seen the generic gangrel, giovanni, Ventrue, et cetera. character archetypes as NPC's. In my view player characters should all be unique snowflakes (to use a cliche)anyway, once my Sabbat Ravnos Larp character (a Michael Hayze) got trapped in the abyss, and after attempting to create an illusion of light (and anything else he could think to conjour) he realized the abyss wouldn't let him. going slowly mad from sensory deprivation he started to focus in on himself. he started to create a world in his own head and reinforcing it with horrid reality, building his own world piece by piece. That was the point that the Lasombra antideluvian took notice.Mike found himself in a very ornate room and he was not alone.Unsure of what was real and what was not at this stage he proceeded to talk to this elder, and brokered a deal with him, namely that Lasombra would kick him out of the abyss or Let him go if Mike would stop trying to create in a place of void, and also become one of his servants Mike agreed and sure enough he was Ejected at the point where he came in. apart from a few derangements and the world ending 6-8 months later He was more or less fine from the incident. Though I dont recall how he got out of Being a servant of Lasombra though. I think Lasombra Lost the Struggle against the other antediluvians before that became important.

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