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William Thompson

Harker has no problem understanding the words of the three brides and the Count, even though at other times he remarks on the difficulty of communicating with the local people. It is possible that one of the brides was an Englishwoman, taken and seduced by the Count to become a source of information about England. She could have taught the other brides to speak English, giving the Count a chance to practice the language on a regular basis.

If that's the case, the Count still would have needed Harker to polish his English. A century-old vampires wouldn't have known current idioms. Copying her form of English would have made the Count seem odd during conversations (terms like "over the top" and "bimbo" meant different things a century ago. Think of the scene in "Love At First Bite," where Vlad is reading a book that uses Roaring Twenties slang.)

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