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William Thompson

Harker describes the locks as "comparatively new." I wonder when the Count installed them, and why he did it. It seems a pointless act if the local people are too scared of him to enter his castle. Does it mean he had guests/victims before Harker? Perhaps he lured other Englishmen to the castle; that could explain why he speaks English so well.


I just love this chapter/episode header. I smile every year I see it. Sometimes I post it places, context-free.

Bryan Alexander

Thank you, Selki.

Perhaps he was practicing for Britain, William.

William Thompson

On 7 May Harker described the Count's collection of English books and magazines. One of the things he mentioned was that none of the magazines were of a recent date. So the Count was preparing for his trip for a long time. I wonder if that went on for years or decades--several decades would be my guess, but I wonder if there's anything more specific.

Bryan Alexander

Very good point.
Given his age and.... metabolism, the count is likely to be a long-term planner.

William Thompson

It would be interesting if Stoker had shown us how the Count selected London as his new home. It must have been a long-term process in which he considered many alternatives; perhaps he had "guests" from different nations, which allowed him to assess the potential safety and practicality of different nations. If other Englishmen shared Harker's stolid ignorance of the local superstitions, that might have made London seem the ideal destination.


The Count (or those bravos he sometimes used) could have bought a collection of old magazines from a peddler recently.

Bryan Alexander

That's a fun thought, Selki.

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