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Most Significant

So the Count supposedly would mail these letters 3-4 days before the dates on them? A fiction as thin as their stationery!

Most Significant

"Something may occur which will give ma a chance to escape."

Apparently, Ma did escape as she is never mentioned again ;)

Most Significant

What was Jonathan doing on May 20-27? The Count rescued him from the women, and so he probably feels safe until late June, as long as he is useful. What is his purpose? To help the Count with his English. If Jonathan balks at that, he may become disposable.

I picture the Count pouring on the charm—and the wine—as they converse in English each night. Jonathan loosens up and talks about many things that aren’t in Baedeker travel guides. He wakes up with a hangover and increased nervous strain, only to once more be caught in the same trap. This whipsaw cycle may have been too troubling to record in his journal.

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