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Most Significant

"There will only be one other, our old pal at the Korea, Jack Seward."

What on earth is "the Korea" to which Morris refers? I thought it might be the country (similar to the old usage of "the Ukraine"), but old editions of Encyclopedia Britannica refer to the country simply as "Korea". Another possibility could be the Indian princely state of Korea (now spelled Koriya), but I found little about this obsolete political entity.

We later learn that not only were Morris and Holmwood at the Marquesas (Polynesia) and Lake Titicaca (Peru / Bolivia), but that they were pursued by wolves in Russia (5 Oct). Also, Morris believes that he lost a horse to vampire bats in the Pampas region (Argentina / Uruguay / Brazil--18 Sep); it seems that Holmwood was not with him then. It is certainly possible that they met Seward in either Korea. Or "the Korea" could be something else entirely--a ship, or a social club (Klinger, 115n50).

In view of his travels, it is remarkable that Quincey Morris does not, according to Mina, speak any foreign language (30 Oct).

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