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Most Significant

As the Count left the castle, “It was a new shock to me to find that he had on the suit of clothes which I had worn whilst travelling here... he will allow others to see me, as they think, so that he may both leave evidence that I have been seen in the towns or villages posting my own letters, and that any wickedness which he may do shall by the local people be attributed to me.”

Jonathan is much younger in appearance than the Count. Local people who see the Count at a distance will simply describe him as someone in Western European dress, which surely was not unusual amongst the upper classes. Any closer sighting would reveal the Count’s extremely pallid skin, white hair and moustache, and bushy eyebrows.

Remember, Jonathan was in Bistritz for barely 24 hours, seven weeks ago. Only a handful of people would have seen him well enough to recognize his clothes later. Dracula has lived in the area for much longer. How likely are the locals to mistake one for the other, no matter how similar the clothes? However, Jonathan is under extreme strain and so we must make allowances.

Most Significant

"There was no cry from the woman, and the howling of the wolves was but short. Before long they streamed away singly, licking their lips."

It seems unlikely that the wolves killed her so swiftly that she made no noise, not even a scream of alarm, and that the wolves--who had seemed to Jonathan so bloodthirsty moments before--should leave so soon. "Licking their lips?" Could he have really been able to see this detail, since they were going away from him?

What really happened? Did the woman speak English, or German, or some other language that Jonathan knew? Presumably his "polyglot dictionary" had been confiscated along with his other travel documents. How reliable could his translation of her entreaty, heard once and from a distance, possibly be?

Did this even really happen? Or could it have been a delusion, a precursor of the mental crisis that caused Jonathan to end up in a Budapest hospital suffering from delirium? I hope to write more about that for August 24.

Bryan Alexander

Keen analysis, MS!

Most Significant

Thanks :)

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