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Most Significant

Renfield "has certain qualities very largely developed, selfishness, secrecy, and purpose."

Add to that Seward's original description of Renfield ("great physical strength, morbidly excitable, periods of gloom... a possibly dangerous man...") and you begin to get seriously concerned about Seward making him into his pet lunatic.

Bryan Alexander


Also: recall that Seward is making audio recordings. What other sounds are on there, besides his voice?

Most Significant

It's an intriguing idea, but I think--short of someone standing right next to him and speaking loudly--that the recordings just had Seward's voice. The recording technology of the day just wasn't that sensitive. Modern phonograph enthusiasts speak quite loudly and enunciate so that you can hear the difference between S and F, K and G, T and D. (Seward was recording in his library / study with the door closed, so even more sensitive recordings would probably just have his dictation.)

Here are a couple of enthusiasts demonstrating voice recording and playback. Listen to all the hiss and crackle, and pity poor Mina trying to listen and transcribe that!



I was quite surprised to learn that cylinder dictation machines were being made right up until the 1930s.

Bryan Alexander

That's a very good point, MS.
Unless some folks barged in and hollered. That's more my imagination. :)

Most Significant

12 June is the date of the first postdated letter written by Jonathan at the Count’s request.

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