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Most Significant

"Their red jaws, with champing teeth, and their blunt-clawed feet as they leaped, came in through the opening door."

So is the Count going to break his promise to give Jonathan to the women, and feed them to the wolves instead? Is he just seizing an opportunity to terrorize the young man before leaving? Why did he assume the burden of feeding Jonathan and doing his housekeeping for almost two months, when he planned to kill the young man (or let the women kill him) in the end? Once Jonathan wrote the post-dated letters, the Count could easily have turned him over to the women without anyone in England knowing that something was amiss.

Did the Count value improving his English accent that highly? Perhaps! After all, the English are notorious for judging people based on their accent. It is a bit strange that Jonathan only wrote about a few of their talks, but perhaps the others were very similar, or too boring, or (as I hypothesized earlier about the gap from May 20-27), Jonathan was ashamed of them.

Keeping Jonathan alive at Castle Dracula may also have been insurance in case there was some unforeseen difficulty with finalizing the purchase of Carfax.

The final question is whether perhaps the Count intended, all along, to release Jonathan once he and his boxes were safely en route to Varna. The Count's promised coachman, to take Jonathan back to Bistritz, could be a Szgany man with the same large hat and false beard that the Count wore to take Jonathan to the castle.

If Jonathan arrived in England in a timely fashion, with his sanity intact, who would believe his vampire tale? Would he dare even to share it with Mina? It was only by a stroke of chance that Mina furnished the connection between Lucy in Whitby and Jonathan in Transylvania. Without it, the Count’s plans may well have progressed unhindered.

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