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Most Significant

“Lucy met me at the station, looking sweeter and lovelier than ever, and we drove up to the house at the Crescent in which they have rooms….Lucy went out visiting with her mother, and as they were only duty calls, I did not go.”

In Whitby, Mina is the guest of Lucy and her mother. The two young women seem to have been close friends and schoolfellows for years, to judge by Mina’s later journal entries. How did they come to meet? Lucy and her mother are living in London, while Mina is apparently teaching in the Exeter area, when the young women first exchange letters in early May. It seems likely that Lucy and Mrs. Westenra originally lived in Exeter too, and their move to London is relatively recent. Clearly Mrs. Westenra approves of Mina (perhaps seeing her as a sensible role model for her daughter), despite the two young women’s much different social and financial prospects.

Later, Mrs. Westenra tells Mina about her failing heart, information which she did not give to Lucy. Did Mrs. Westenra’s “death warrant” gave her another reason to invite Mina, Lucy’s best friend, along on their holiday? If she were to die suddenly, Mina would be there to help Lucy.

Bryan Alexander

I'm enjoying how you explore and expand these backstories.

Most Significant

Thank you, I'm having fun doing it. :)

I'm doing my best to be brief and stick with the original text as much as possible.

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