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Most Significant

“…awaked by mate telling me that both man of watch and steersman missing."

A pattern begins to emerge: the first mate is always the one to inform the captain of missing crew members. To dispose of both the steersman and the man on watch is a dangerous move, as it means there is nobody on the helm and nobody on hand to take the helm if necessary: nobody is sailing the ship. However, if the first mate is the killer, it is less risky, as he can dispose of the steersman, inform the captain of the situation, and then arrange a replacement right away. It would be the height of folly for the Count to dispose of the steersman, for who knows what disaster might befall the ship with nobody at the wheel?

Crew remaining on 30 July: Captain, cook, first mate, one deckhand (4/9). Note that the crew is now so small that the captain and the cook must stand watch, and their other duties will suffer as a result.

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