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Most Significant

“Then, too, Lucy, although she is so well, has lately taken to her old habit of walking in her sleep.”

Even at this early stage, before the Count has even arrived in England, Mina seems to have an ongoing worry about Lucy’s health.

As for the sleepwalking, we learn that Lucy’s late father was a sleepwalker, and that she walked in her sleep as a child. So there is a genetic predisposition to it. Why has she started to sleepwalk again, after not sleepwalking for some time?

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine lists a number of factors that are linked to sleepwalking. ( https://sleepeducation.org/sleep-disorders/sleepwalking/ ) Some of them may be linked to Lucy’s holiday: travel, sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, and perhaps sleep deprivation caused by a change in routine.

Stress is another possibility: Lucy is planning her wedding to Arthur, which will be a huge change in her life. She can’t help but notice her mother’s poor health. She may have even seen or overheard something that made it clear just how serious the situation was. Having to keep her worries to herself could add even more stress.

Bryan Alexander

Great point. I wish I had time to dive into late Victorian thinking about sleepwalking.

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