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Most Significant

"I believe we should have shocked the ‘New Woman’ with our appetites. Men are more tolerant, bless them!"

Mina may not agree with some of the ideas of some of the “New Woman” writers, but her actions are those of a more liberated woman. She works as an assistant schoolmistress, so she supports single women having paid employment in a variety of areas (an important goal of the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women, established in 1859 - https://futuresforwomen.org.uk/history/ ). She plans to be her husband’s assistant after they marry and he starts practicing law. Coincidentally, that plan gives her a good reason to study typewriting and shorthand. On a couple of occasions, she says she is imitating the work of journalists (9 May, 25 Sept). Does she eventually hope to be a journalist herself?

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